Can a Marijuana Diet Help You Lose Weight?


Contrary to popular beliefs that marijuana can enhance an individual’s appetite, a new study revealed that weed/ cannabinoids plays an important role in a person’s digestion. Though the “Marijuana Diet” sound’s enticing, it does not however provide positive results without a proper diet.


The Stoners Cookbook revealed the details on how the diet works. It was mention that “The Marijuana Diet” handbook is something most pot smokers can invest on, wherein they gave tips on how the diet works.

Most of the details that were pointed out by the book are making the right food choices, and how to incorporate smoking weed to give you a better digestion and a healthier body. In addition to Stoner Cookbook’s report, not only does weed touch your physical being, but it works on the individual’s emotional and psychological aspect as well.

Marijuana effectively relieves stress, which eliminates the possibility of stress and binge eating. In regards to pot’s effect on one’s diet on the other hand, according to Jezebel’s report, researchers from University of Nebraska, the Harvard School of Public Health and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center revealed that stoners, in general, have “smaller waist and higher levels of good cholesterol” compared to their non-smoking peers.

The researchers’ study which was published in The Atlanic came into conclusion that:

“Current marijuana users had significantly smaller waist circumference than participants who had never used marijuana, even after adjusting for factors like age, sex, tobacco and alcohol use, and physical activity levels. They also had higher levels of HDL (“good cholesterol”). The most significant differences between those who smoked marijuana and those who never or no longer did was that current smokers’ insulin levels were reduced by 16 percent and their insulin resistance (a condition in which the body has trouble absorbing glucose from the bloodstream) was reduced by 17 percent.”

It is also important to add that marijuana does, in fact, increase your metabolism. To tell you the truth, a lot of cannabis consumers will light up before heading to the gym. In The Marijuana Diet, you will find over 100 testimonials from people who have lost 20 to 100 pounds and attribute their success to smoking marijuana. Now that’s impressive.

Perhaps The Marijuana Diet seems too good to be true. Nevertheless, the author of the diet states that following the daily fitness regimens, eating healthy, and of course, smoking marijuana will help you to achieve your best physically and emotionally fit self.