The Origins Of Dabbing


Hashish is the earliest form of cannabis extracts and is a concentrated medicinal tar substance often black, brown, and sometimes green in color pulled from the female plants leaves.

This process has existed for centuries first being believed to have originated in Eastern Asia then spreading to India, Nepal, The Himalayas, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Morocco as far back as 100 A.D.

Hashish along with cannabis itself has long been a huge part of the American counter-culture but that is fastly changing with new forms of extraction appearing over the years including BHO solvents, CO2 extractions, including waxes, and shatter dabs.

Today the growth and popularity of the medical and recreational use of the plant have opened up new avenues of study on how the medicine can be extracted. This is a lucrative business and now extracts have become some of the healthiest and purest forms of cannabis use.

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