3 Hilarious “First Time I Got High” Stories

stonedEveryone remembers his or her first time getting stoned, and the first timer stories are always your best. Weed brings out the silliness and heaps of laughter in all of us. Wherever you may have been or whoever you might have been with, your first time getting high story is certainly one for the books.


From a compilation of posts from Reddit, Tumblr, and Grass City, these are 10 hilarious and noteworthy stories of getting high for the first time.

  1. It was 2007, we were both in 9th grade and we went on a ski trip with our school. We stayed in some hotel and me and a friend Ryan smoked before we went inside to go to our rooms (neither of us had got high before) and we got in the elevator. We get in and just stand there for 5 mins wondering why we wouldn’t go to the 3rd floor, then we realize we never hit any buttons and fell to the ground laughing and then our math teacher opened the elevator saying “boys will be boys” and then we went and munched out in our room


  1. I was round my mates flat on the 3rd floor, it was about 2am, we were pretty stoned sat there watching “Black Books”, when all of a sudden my mate walks out. I figure he was just going to bed or something. About half an hour later the buzzer goes but I didn’t bother answering it because I figured my mate would do it. Another half hour passed and my mate comes stumbling in. He comes in and is like “Dude, why didn’t you let me in I just had to climb through a first-floor window to get it, I’ve just been sleepwalking down town and woke up in the high street with glass in my foot and no idea of how I got there.” LOL that was a quality night.


  1. My first time was the best time ever. Me and my friend were watching “Half Baked” at my house, and I was like “Dude, bet there is weed in my mom’s room if we just looked”. So we looked and sittin’ beside my mom’s TV was an ounce of the best herb ever and a water bong. So we smoked bowl after bowl, not knowing how much to smoke so in two hours we smoked 30 bowls no lie. And it totally messed us up, my friend sat on a pizza and was like “My ass is so hot” and he stood up and he had pizza all over his ass it was so funny. And every minute I would completely forget what just happened and restart my memory lol it was the best time ever and I’ve been hooked ever since.